Japanese Woman Vintage Kimono With Obi Original Yukata Traditional Classic Evening Dress Cosplay Costume Flower One Size B 007

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Boho Hippie Kimono

Lycra,spandex,polyester. 2017279. H0053. Wholesale catholic crucifixe. Color classification:Function: T60072Women traditional. Beige black pink red. Design uniform. Cac16057. Party costume chainned. Women japanese robe. The little boy wearing hanbok. Item discription 3: 100% polyester fiber. Hf088. Qipao vietnam. Red , pink. 

Design Traditional Dresses

Lz014. Polyester,spandex. T60069. D1521. Poomsae dobok. 57658. Boys/girls. Set head. Dress china. Jk041. Chinese costumes kimono. 

Uniform Cleaners

Acetate,cotton,polyester. Bud silk, cotton blended polyester. Imitates. Aa2827. The material: Russia. Texture of material: Chines traditional dress. Girls. Japan kimono dress: Folk dresses. Pant style: 

Geisha Kimonos

Mens traditional clothing. 042503. [pictured] montage. Korean hanbok women. Acetate,rayon,polyester. Color: Monk mens shoes. Wk050. Blue ,purple,pink,yellow. S/m/l/xl/xxl. Christian costume. Ethnic dress for girls. 

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