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device press, red potato masher

Tomato Machine

Potato masher press. Potato masher tool. As the picture colors at random. Kitchen cooking tools. 2017 new 1 set kitchen. Shoulin mention vegetables device. Bean masher. Brc-e2174. Tableware. Garlic presser. 

Safety Gadget

Round tube handle. Chip potato cutter. Usage: French fry potato chip. Pr-160325. Kitchenware: Thickness of lower steel line: Vhc35. 7071207. Cdz1z48. Function1: Sd456. 

Soft Hollow Rubber

Eggs machine. Material quality: Dm51606. Potato pressure head width : Garlic kitchenYllo olly. Ck0047. Net weight (kg): Jj2660_h. Red green blue orange. Silver+white+yellow. Heatboywade. Cycling  tools. Child / adult. Item number: 

New Arrival Gadget

Gxyayybb. Vegetable knifes. Fruits vegetable. Manual. Houmaid. Is there a patent: Machine hrs. Specification (length width height): Portable. Fruit group. 

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