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Plate size: Around 350ml. Dinosaur coffee mug. Shot stainless. Zbxl1. My bottle. Tea cup filter15 oz mug. Doughnuts box. Size (height, caliber): 112x72x80 mm. Mug mixer. The dead walking. Mf40596. Aa367-4. 

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H-434. Rim of cup: 425ml. Tddm031-4. B005 tyozg. Cup painting. Special tools. Milk coffee foamer. Cup set. Structure : Sandblasting. C&d petfellows. Plastic cups for parties. 16*15cm. T0806Filter tea. A01,a02,a03. 

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Jbr012022. Ctx-017. 450ml,560ml. Hashc. Ceramic coffee cup/tea mug. Tcup-tcera love bee017. Jbr012003. 300ml,500ml. Coffee cup set. Characteristic 2: Home, office, hotel, cafe, party. 380ml. Verre: A single layer. 

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